Policy and Procedures for Displaying Flags on Campus

The main campus flag pole is located at the entrance of Bergen Community College (near Paramus Road) and is reserved solely for displaying the United States, State of New Jersey and Bergen Community College flags. The U.S. Flag will be lowered to half staff at the direction of the President of the United States or the state flag at the direction of the Governor of the State of New Jersey. In special circumstances, the College flag will be lowered to half staff at the direction of the President’s Office. Flags of countries will be displayed throughout the Bergen Community College campus as a symbol of Bergen Community College’s commitment to diversity and international understanding. Flags are symbols that identify people belonging to a group. The flags, especially those of a nation, embody the honor and pride of the people they represent and need to be treated with respect.

It is very important that the display of country flags be treated with consistency so as not to offend the very groups we intend to honor by displaying the flag. Flags are to be the same size. If possible, flags are to be hung or displayed horizontally. If flags must be hung vertically, they must all be hung in the same orientation. Given that many international members of the College community are interested in displaying on campus the flags of their home countries, the following procedures have been established by the College:

  1. The flags of countries that are recognized by the United Nations (i.e., those countries that are listed by the U.N. as member states, nonmember states with permanent observer status, or national “entities” with permanent observer missions) will be displayed in the hallways of the school. Determination of the flags to be displayed will be made by the Vice President of Student Services.
  2. The flags of countries that are recognized by the U.N. (as defined above) may be displayed at campus events to recognize and represent international students studying at the College. Flags of Native American nations will be recognized as sovereign entities. Flags representing groups, cultures, or nations not specified above may not be displayed unless prior written approval is obtained from the Vice President of Student Services or the President’s designee whose decision shall be final. Inquiries about the flag policy should be directed to the Associate Dean of Student Services.