Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

  1. Only one authorization stamp will be considered for the Pitkin Education Center and Ender Hall student bulletin boards and will be issued by the Student Life Office, Room A-115. A student bulletin board is any bulletin board not specifically designated for a department, organization, or event series. All student bulletin boards will be numbered in the lower right corner and are listed on the next page.
  2. Only authorized personnel or their designees may issue a stamp.
  3. The stamp will be valid for one month or until the day after the event.
  4. Posters may not exceed 11" x 17;" preferred size is 8 1/2" x 11" or smaller.
  5. Groups or individuals posting materials are responsible for removing their flyers in a timely manner.
  6. Posting and removal of materials from any designated bulletin board (advertising for a specific academic department or service branch) will be the sole responsibility of that department.
  7. Flyers or posters from outside organizations, sponsoring events or services, (which are deemed beneficial to the student body by the Office of Student Life) will be allowed to post 15 copies in the Pitkin Education Center and Ender Hall (on student bulletin boards).
  8. Flyers or posters from any outside organization, sponsoring a service, that requires a monetary contract commitment by our students will not be approved.
  9. Flyers, advertisements, or posters that promote the use of alcohol will not be approved.
  10. No local, county, state, or national political material is allowed.
  11. Advertisements that are placed over other postings (valid or expired) will be removed without notification. If the board is full, you may rearrange (but not remove) advertisements to fit yours.
  12. No staples are permitted to hang materials. Please use thumbtacks or pushpins only. Articles violating this policy will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will no longer be permitted to post on campus.

If advertisements violate these policies and procedures, students may lose their posting privileges for the remainder of the semester. Repeat violations may result in a longer suspension period. The Office of Student Life must authorize any special considerations that do not adhere to these policies. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Life, two days in advance of the desired posting date.