Financial Aid SAP Appeal Committee Procedures

The members of the SAP Appeals Committee convene at the beginning of each semester (including summer sessions) to review financial aid appeals.

Procedures exercised by the Committee are as follows:

  • Upon receipt of appeals and supporting documentation, academic transcripts are reviewed by the Appeals Committee.
  • Appeal results are recorded in the student’s electronic academic file/digital record and an electronic notification of appeal decision are sent to the students.
  • Appeals are granted for one-term only and eligible students will receive funding for the term in which they are enrolled in. At the end of the semester, grades will be reviewed by the SAP Appeals committee to determine eligibility for subsequent term(s).
  • Students will be notified within ten (10) business days of the submission of their appeal.
  • Students are required to meet an academic counselor for assistance in initiating the SAP appeal process.
  • Students are required to submit an appeal electronically using the provided link/URL redirect to online SAP Appeal Form. 

Appeals Committee's notifications sent to students are accessible in the Bergen Student Portal (