Academic Plan

Long-Range Academic Plan

Effective spring 2013: Students placed on Financial Aid Probation prior to the 2013SP will be evaluated against the new BCC SAP standards at the end of the probation period.
If the result of the SAP calculation is Unsatisfactory, the student will be placed on an Unsatisfactory SAP status for subsequent semesters of enrollment.

For students who after being on Probation prior to spring 2013 AND if mathematically impossible to achieve minimum SAP standards at the conclusion of one payment period (the mathematical impossibility may be related to GPA, pace, or both), in cases where one payment period is not sufficient for a student to meet minimum SAP standards , the student performance for the ‘probation’ term will be reviewed on a case by case basis and,  at the BCC’s Financial Aid discretion,  the student will be considered to be placed on a long-range academic plan.

If all classes are passed with a semester GPA of 2.0 and progress is demonstrated by the student at the end of the probation period, the student will remain on probation for the following term and aid will be reinstated for subsequent payment period.

The long-range academic plan will have appropriate checkpoints and to be achieved by the student. The student’s performance will be evaluated at the end of each payment period to determine minimum SAP requirements agreed on the long-range academic plan are being met to be eligible for Title IV or state aid for subsequent terms.

Financial Aid Denial or Suspension

Students, who failed by not passing with a semester GPA of 2.0 after being on Financial Aid Probation, will be placed on Financial Aid Denial/Suspension and will not eligible to receive aid and will not be allowed to appeal for subsequent semester as indicated in section 2.8 of this policy.

Change of Academic Program Limits

Students receiving financial aid are allowed to change his/her academic program only ONCE.