Student Center

The Student Center is the community center of the College, a place for all members of its family (students, faculty, administration, alumni, and guests) to meet and interact. The Student Center hosts various activities which the Student Activities Board (SAB), and the Student Government Association (SGA) sponsor throughout the year including daytime musicians, film festivals, entertainment, and other social activities. These activities give all members of the Bergen community a chance to come together and interact.

The Student Center is currently under renovation and is expected to be completed in May 2011. The $5.2 million renovation project will encompass 24, 294 square feet. It features an expanded lower-level Café, with a new seating area, and renovated Dunkin Donuts space with upgraded equipment. The Student Center also features a new space for students to gather and attend meetings and a new welcome center. In addition, upgrades include a new large vestibule, multiple automatic doors and a wider handicapped ramp.

The Student Center will utilize green technologies and conservation practices including a green roof, energy-efficient light fixtures and water-saving devices in the restrooms, as well as energy-saving concepts from Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).