Services for Students with Disabilities (OSS)

Room: Pitkin Education Center, Room L-115
Phone: 201-612-5269

The Office of Specialized Services/ Deaf Services (OSS) provides accommodations and auxiliary services to students with disabilities attending Bergen Community College. The mission is to offer all students with disabilities an equal opportunity for success in their college experience.

Determining eligibility for services and/or accommodations is a separate process and done independently of Enrollment Services. Students are encouraged to submit documentation to OSS during the early stages of the admission process in order to ensure timely delivery of all eligible accommodations. The suggested deadlines for submitting documentation are as follows: August 1st for fall semesters, December 1st for spring semesters.
For more information regarding the documentation submission process or services OSS offers please contact the OSS office or visit the website.

Special Accommodations Testing

The Office of Testing Services provides reasonable testing accommodations for students who have submitted their documentation to the Office of Specialized Services (OSS).
Further details about testing accommodations can be found at

Assistive Technology Laboratory

The Assistive Technology Training Lab is located next to the Office of Specialized Services. The lab provides training and access to hardware and software applications that facilitate access for individuals with disabilities. For more information, please visit our website at