Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success (Academic Counseling, Academic Advising, Transfer Services, Career Counseling)

Room A-118, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor)
Phone: 201-447-7211.

The Center for Student Success has a staff of professional counselors who offer a wide variety of services for students.

Academic Counselors assist students in selecting programs of study that are appropriate for their personal and professional goals. Students and counselors work together to choose a program of study that is suitable to the student’s needs, based on factors such as academic status and history, professional goals, and educational backgrounds. Workshops and literature are provided to support students with their academic goals.
Online counseling services are also available at


The College has entered into several partnerships that expand opportunities through articulation agreements. Our 4-year partners have staff on campus to assist students with completing their degree and streamlining the transfer process upon graduation. Students are able to work directly with these representatives to take advantage of opportunities and events at the 4-year school and apply with ease. Many of these schools offer instant admission events and scholarship opportunities to our graduates.

Transfer Counselors assist students by providing information about the transferability of courses taken at Bergen Community College, articulation agreements with four-year colleges, and the transfer process. In addition, they lead Transfer Workshops, organize Transfer Fairs, and provide transfer resources for the students. Transfer Counselors are available by appointment in Room A-118.

Personal Counselors provide students with a safe and confidential setting where they have an opportunity to talk about their individual concerns. Personal Counselors help students understand themselves, explore alternatives, reach a decision, or feel more empowered about coping with problems. When appropriate, a student may be referred to outside agencies. Personal Counselors provide personal enrichment literature and coordinate personal development workshops. For further information, please visit the Center, located in Room HS-100 on the main campus in Paramus.

Career Counselors help students develop an understanding of themselves; they guide students in selecting an academic program, choosing a career path, and preparing for employment. The Counselors also offer interest assessments and vocational inventories, which are easy to use and provide students with a realistic view of educational and career options for their future success. Throughout the year, there are many workshops and special events designed to help students to move forward by transferring to a four-year school or into a career. For further information, please call (201) 447-7171 or visit the Center, located in Room A-123 on the main campus in Paramus.