Center for Health, Wellness, and Personal Counseling

The Center for Health, Wellness, & Personal Counseling is committed to serving the needs of the “whole” student. We are located in HS-100 in the Pitkin Education Center on the Paramus campus. The department provides services to address each student’s physical health and psychological well-being. Licensed registered nurses provide medical care and physician referrals. Licensed personal counselors provide short-term mental health counseling for the full spectrum of mental health issues, as well as community referrals and on-campus workshops. Wellness staff hosts numerous workshops and programs open to the wider community each academic year. Recent Wellness offerings have focused on mental health stigma, substance abuse, stress management, and violence awareness.

Medical care and health-related services are provided on a walk-in or emergency response basis. Among the services offered are first aid, physician referrals, blood pressure and blood sugar screening, over-the-counter medications, emergency medical response, one-on -one support with health concerns, and tracking state- mandated immunizations. Any illness which a student is experiencing should be reported to the college nurse in HS-100. Injuries sustained on campus or during a college-connected activity, must be reported immediately to the college nurse or Public Safety. If it is not possible to make an immediate report, a report must be made within 48 hours.

To contact Health Services, speed dial #2 if you are on campus; from off-campus locations, call 201-447-9257.

To contact Public Safety, speed dial #6 if you are on campus; from off-campus locations, call 201-447-9200.

Personal Counseling services are scheduled by appointment for the full spectrum of mental health issues, including, but not limited to: depression, stress, anxiety and panic symptoms, sexual abuse or misconduct, substance/alcohol abuse, and thoughts of suicide. Mental health emergencies are handled on a walk-in or emergency referral basis. To make an appointment with a Personal Counselor, call 201-447-9257.

The purpose of The Wellness Center is to promote total wellness in the College Community of students, staff and faculty. It combines all aspects of health – physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and mental. The Wellness Center Committee is composed of interested students, staff and faculty who meet to develop and present programs on current issues. For additional information, call The Wellness Center at 201-612-5365.

The Center for Health, Wellness & Personal Counseling strives to assist students in achieving their health and wellness goals, enabling them to make lifestyle choices that help them achieve optimal physical, emotional, and behavioral health. All of our services are provided at no cost to the student in a culturally sensitive, accessible, and confidential environment. Our facility is ADA compliant.

In addition, students are welcome to visit HS-100 in order to access the resources of the campus Food Pantry. All needs will be met with respect and confidentiality.

Additional Contact Information: Fax: 201-447-0327

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Alcohol and Drug Resources and Services

The Counseling and Health Services Offices are available to assist Bergen Community College students with education, information, and counseling services for alcohol and drugs. Counselors are available to provide students with confidential, nonjudgmental individual counseling, and to help students understand and identify factors that may point to substance abuse in themselves, their family, or friends. Counseling is offered as a first step in acknowledging the presence of a related problem. Counselors provide referrals to treatment programs, and support to students as they make the transition to outside agencies. The counselors maintain a list of agencies which provide assistance with drugs and alcohol concerns in the Bergen County area.