Baking Certificate of Achievement


The Certificate of Achievement in Baking introduces the student to hands-on quality baked products which include yeast breads, puff pastry, quick breads, cakes, pies, as well as decorating techniques.  Obtaining these skills, the student becomes eligible to work in various settings where high quality freshly baked products are prepared both small and large scale. Graduates are eligible for positions in retail, lodging, catering and in restaurants. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the complexities of weighing and measuring accurately; in both metric and customary USA units.
  • Use the earned industry-approved ServSafe Certification.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in specialized baking, production, and decorating.
  • Prepare baked products according to type of venues small and large scale
  • Innovate bakery and pastry shop menus according to the needs of various clientele

Career Pathways:  Baker, Pastry Chef, Chocolatier / Cake Designer / Supervisor: Retail or Wholesale
Baking and Pastty

First Semester

HRM-102Food Protection and Safety


HRM-103Professional Food Preparation Techniques


HRM-110Introduction to Baking


Total Credit Hours:9

Second Semester

HRM-220Advanced Baking Techniques


-Plus two of the following courses:

HRM-208Confectionery Arts


HRM-209Artisan Bread Production


HRM-210Specialty Cakes


Total Credit Hours:9

Total Credit Hours: 18

Specific Program Notes

Students are encouraged to take their courses in semester sequence order.

Please note that required courses may have prerequisites. Click on each course to view details.

1. Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Accuplacer Test.
2. Those who hold current ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification will receive credit for HRM-102.
3. Those who hold NOCTI Certification in Culinary Arts will receive credit for HRM-103.
4. Those who completed this certificate in Continuing Education will receive credit for HRM-103 and HRM-110.
5. Students in this Certificate of Achievement program can apply all 18 credits if they wish to advance to a 30-credit Certificate and/or a 60-credit AAS degree program at Bergen Community College.