Auditing Classes

Students who wish to take courses with the understanding that they will not receive a grade or credit for them may do so as auditors.

  • Students seeking to register for a course as "Audit" must do so in-person. Online registration does not include Audit as an option.
  • Auditors are subject to the same tuition and fee structure as credit students.
  • Once enrolled as an auditor, a student may not change to credit status, nor may a student who is enrolled for credit change to audit, unless such a change is requested prior to the end of the third week of instruction.
  • The “AU” grade will be recorded on college transcripts for an audited course. This is an administratively assigned grade, which indicates a student has purchased a seat for a particular class. It does not denote mastery of subject material.
  • Audited courses do not satisfy prerequisites, or count towards the student’s load for financial aid or sports eligibility purposes.