Academic Regulations

Academic Integrity/Discipline

Bergen Community College is committed to academic integrity – the honest, fair, and continuing pursuit of knowledge, free from fraud or deception.

Students are responsible for their own work. Faculty and academic support services staff will take appropriate measures to discourage academic dishonesty.

The College recognizes the following general categories of violations of academic integrity. Academic integrity is violated whenever a student does one or more of the following:

  1. Uses unauthorized assistance in any academic work.
    • copies from another student’s exam
    • uses notes, books, electronic devices or other aids of any kind during an exam, when doing so is prohibited
    • steals an exam or possesses a stolen copy of any exam
  2. Gives unauthorized assistance to another student
    • completes a graded academic activity or takes an exam for someone else
    • gives answers to or shares answers with another student before or during an exam or other graded academic activity
    • shares answers during an exam by using a system of signals
  3. Fabricates data in support of an academic assignment
    • cites sources that do not exist
    • cites sources that were not used
    • submits any academic assignment which contains falsified or fabricated data or results
  4. Inappropriately or unethically uses technological means to gain academic advantage
    • inappropriately or unethically acquires material via the Internet or by any other means
    • uses any devices (electronic or hidden) for communication or unauthorized retrieval of information during an exam