“Unofficial” Web Pages

Faculty / Staff and Course Home Pages

Full-time and adjunct faculty and staff are encouraged to have their own home pages. When developing home pages, faculty and staff are to adhere to the following: Pages should be professional, not personal. Pages should not refer in any way whatsoever to any personal profit making enterprise such as private practice, or consulting. There must be signed releases or copyright permissions for any artwork, photographs, video or audio segments, or quoted text.

Pages should fully identify the faculty or staff member, giving name, position, office location, office phone number, and e-mail address. It is suggested that the Web page also include work schedules or office hours. Other appropriate information may be publications, presentations, and professional affiliations. If the page links to a personal home page, the faculty or staff member is responsible for the appropriateness of the information on the personal home page. Pages may not contain any material that in any way violates federal, state, or local law or material that reflects negatively on the College or any member of its community. All information on the home pages is to be timely and relevant. Pages should be updated regularly and links checked for accuracy. Faculty are also encouraged to develop course Web sites, with information such as course outlines, student assignments, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, and homework answers. Faculty, staff, and course pages may be limited by available resources. Faculty who need assistance developing a home page or course Websites should consult the Center for Instructional Technology. Staff members who need assistance with Web pages should consult the Department of Information Technology. Staff in either of these offices can assist the faculty or staff members in uploading pages to the server or provide instructions for the faculty or staff members to do so themselves.