Bergen Community College Website Guidelines

Bergen Community College encourages the use of the Internet by faculty, staff, and students as both an information resource and as a method of communication.
In keeping with this, members of the College community may have web pages on the Bergen Community College servers. All web page developers are expected to act responsibly and to adhere to both the Bergen Community College Acceptable Technology Use Guidelines and to the procedures established by the College for web pages.

In particular, the College expects that all members of the College community will
• obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including copyright law;
• adhere to fair use guidelines;
• give proper attribution of any sources;
• not use college hardware, software, or communications for personal profit; and
• not place any information on the Web pages which reflects negatively on the College or any member of its community.

Further, all web page developers are expected to make every effort to ensure that the Bergen Community College website, and all pages contained within it, is accessible to the visually impaired.
The College has the right to monitor all web pages placed on its servers and remove any that violate the College’s guidelines or procedures.
Further, the College has the right to prohibit access to its computing resources to anyone who violates either the guidelines or subsequently established procedures.