Disciplinary Process/Complaint

Any member of the College community may file a complaint against a student. Reports of misconduct which violate Bergen Community College’s Student Code of Conduct can be reported to the Department of Public Safety, Room L-154, 201-447-9200; the Office of Student Life & Student Conduct Process and Policies, Room SC-110, 201-447-7215; the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Room A-310, 201-493-3742; or via Maxient, the College’s web based conduct software management system available on the Office of Student Conduct webpage. Complaints of sexual harassments of students by faculty and/or staff as well as by other students should be reported to Dr. Gonzalez-De Jesus, Title IX Coordinator, Room A-310, 201-493-3742 or to Dean Rachel Lerner Colucci, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Room L-123, 201-447-7883. In those incidents involving violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Public Safety Department will interview the affected parties, prepare the reports with supporting documentation, and forward them to the Office of Student Conduct Process and Policies. If a community member would like to discuss their complaint before filing a report, the Dean of Student Life & Conduct and/or the Coordinator of Student Conduct & Student Information will be available for consultation. When the College itself is a victim of the act, the College reserves the right to institute criminal and/or civil proceedings against a student.