Residency Requirements

According to regulations of the State of New Jersey (N.J.A.C.9A:5), tuition charges are determined by the student’s permanent place of residency, or domicile (home). A residence established solely for the purpose of attending a particular college cannot be defined as a person’s true, permanent domicile.

To be considered a resident of the state, a student must have resided in New Jersey for one year before enrolling at a public college in this state.

To be considered a resident of Bergen County, a student must be a state resident as defined above, and must show proof of having a permanent residence in the county.

The Office of Admissions and Recruitment must make a determination of the residency status of students, and as such, reserves the right to require students to show proof of residency when asked.

Deliberate misrepresentation of an address may result in the student’s registration activity being suspended and may be subject to the College’s student disciplinary process.

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