Judith K. Winn School of Honors

Office: Pitkin Education Center, Room S-347
Office: Pitkin Education Center, Room S-347,
Phone: 201-493-3567

The Honors Program committee named the School after Dr. Judith K. Winn, in recognition of her contributions during 12 years as the College’s president. Honors sections of General Education courses including those in the Humanities, the Social Sciences, Business, Science, and Math are offered during the fall and spring semesters. A complete list of all honors courses offered (only) during the spring and fall semesters is available on WebAdvisor (check the Honors box below the days of the week) on the College website, www.bergen.edu.

Honors students enjoy smaller and more challenging classes. Students have access to an honors advisor each semester, may attend transfer seminars specifically designed for honors students, and have their honors courses designated as such on transcripts. They also have the opportunity for priority registration during each semester they are eligible to take honors courses. Participation in the Honors Program also enhances students’ prospects for transferring to colleges and universities, often with scholarships.