Academic Intervention and Monitoring System (AIMS)

AIMS is designed to support first semester students with Accuplacer scores under 59 in combined Mathematics and under 159 in combined English as they adjust to the demands of college. The program includes a community of peers, instructors, tutors, and advisers who work together to help students build their reading, writing, and math skills while guiding them as they create plans for academic and professional success.
All AIMS learning communities include Developmental Skills I (EBS 011), Basic Mathematics (MAT 010/011), and Success 101 (IST 123). Certain AIMS Communities add a general education course such as General Psychology (PSY 101) or a career concentration course such as Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ 101).

The AIMS program offers full-time, first semester students the following advantages:
• Special orientation and registration session.
• Prescheduled patterns of courses.
• Small classes, averaging 15-18 students.
• In-class tutors and/or supplemental instruction.
• Individualized attention from both classroom instructors and counselors.