Posthumous Degrees

To recognize the achievement of its students who have died, the College will award degrees posthumously where the student has completed enough of the planned degree program.

When the College becomes aware of a student’s death and first considers the possibility of recommending the student for a posthumous degree, the dean’s office should notify the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. If the death occurs near the end of the academic year, the Vice President of academic Affairs’ office should notify the President, Vice President of Student Affairs, the Dean of Student Life and the Dean of Enrollment Services.

Once the College has completed its approval processes and decided to recommend a student for a posthumous degree, the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ office will arrange for notification of the family to inform them of the degree conferral. In most cases, family notification will be made by a faculty member or dean who knew the student. The Office of Student Life will provide information regarding commencement to the parent(s) (or spouse/partner if applicable).

The Dean of Enrollment Services and the Dean of Student Life will ensure that all applicable arrangements are made for the presentation of the diploma and that the student’s name is included in the school’s graduation materials. They will also to ensure that all arrangements have been made regarding the diploma and commencement.