Honorary Degrees

An honorary degree is the highest accolade that a community college can award.  By bestowing this honor on individuals who have achieved great accomplishments in their profession/ academic area, in the field of community/public service or in their personal lives, the College demonstrates to its students the possible heights that they can achieve in their own lives.

The President, or his/her designee, shall establish an Honorary Degree Committee that will solicit and review nominations for honorary degrees from the college community.  Individuals are not eligible for this award if they are currently employed by the College, serving on the Bergen Community College Foundation Board or serving on the Board of Trustees at any time between the date of the local College Board approval and the actual receipt of this award.

Honorary degrees may not be awarded to Board of Trustee members, Foundation Board members, administrators or faculty members until at least two years after their association with the College.  The number of honorary degrees that may be awarded at one time or in one academic year should be strictly limited.  Honorary degrees are generally conferred at Commencement.

The Honorary Degree Committee will send its recommendations to the Education and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.  The Committee will review the recommendations on behalf of the full Board. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board for consideration.