Academic Warning

Students on Academic Warning

1. Satisfactory Academic Standing

Any student who maintains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) based upon the following scale shall be classified as a student with satisfactory academic standing:

Credits GPA
Cumulative GPA 
 12-28 credits  1.8
 29-47 credits  1.9
 48+  2.0

Cumulative credits are the quality point credits attempted which exclude “W” grades.
The academic standing report will be run at the conclusion of the Fall, Spring and Summer I semesters.

2. Academic Warning

Any degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking student, whether full-or part-time, who fails to achieve the minimum GPA as stated above, shall be classified as a student on academic warning and will be sent a letter to that effect by the Registration Office.
Academic warning means that a student’s cumulative GPA is unsatisfactory and that the student will be placed on academic probation unless a minimum GPA is met at the end of the next semester.
Students on academic warning are recommended to meet with a counselor in the Counseling Center (Center for Student Success).
Students will be required to meet with an academic counselor prior to the next time they register. Students registered with the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Office, Office of Specialized Services (OSS) or International students should meet with the appropriate counselor.

3. Removal of Academic Warning Status

Any student who, after the end of the conditional semester, meets the GPA for credits attempted as specified by the College policies (refer to the GPA scale above) shall be classified as a student with satisfactory academic standing and will be notified of such standing by the Registration Office.