Smoking Policy


The New Jersey State Legislature and the New Jersey Department of Health have found that tobacco smoke is a substantial health hazard to both the smoking and non-smoking public. As such, smoking on Bergen Community College property by any person at any time anywhere is still prohibited. The property of the College includes all College vehicles as well as real estate owned by the College.

The effect of this policy is to prohibit smoking in all buildings and areas of College property. This entails that smoking is prohibited on the grounds, playing fields, walkways, roadways, parking lots, in and around the perimeter of any building.

“Smoking Defined”

For purposes of this policy, “smoking” is defined as the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, or any other matter of substance that contains tobacco as well as the use of smokeless tobacco, snuff, or similar substance.

Legal Authority

This policy has been enacted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 383, Public Laws of 2005, and codified in N.J.S.A26:3D- 55et SCQ.

Sanctions against Violations

Any employee who violates this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Any student who violates the policy shall be subject to disciplinary measures, in accordance with the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct. Other individuals, including visitors to the College, who violate this policy, may be asked to leave the College premises. All violators are also subject to sanctions provided by applicable laws and regulations.


First offence will result in a 25.00 fine.

Second offence will result in a 50.00 fine.

Third offence will result in a 100.000 fine.

Students who continually violate the policy will be required to appear before the Bergen Community College Judicial Board.


Signs designating Bergen Community College a smoke free campus are posted. This policy also is noticed in appropriate publications of the College.

Available Assistance

For any student or personnel of the College who desires to stop smoking, assistance is available through staffs of the Health Services, Wellness Center and Counseling. In addition, there are programs that are provided throughout the semester which are well publicized and are accessible to everyone.