Club and Student Organization Policy

Clubs are open to all Bergen Community College students, and special interests of students are served by many clubs that are oriented to particular student groups and academic majors.

Financial support is provided to clubs and organizations in order to build an active campus life that will have a broad appeal across the student population.
Funds are distributed to clubs and organizations in a manner that assures fair, nondiscriminatory allocations that are devoid of conflict-of-interest

  1. All clubs and other student organizations must be chartered by the Office of Student Life.
  2. The Office of Student Life does not charter a club or other organization unless:
    1. There is ample evidence that it has a meaningful place in student life;
    2. It will observe college rules and regulations;
    3. It can maintain an active membership;
    4. It does not use the College name to own, rent, borrow or in any other way permanently or temporarily acquire off-campus facilities for housing, meetings, social events, and other causes. However, in certain cases, special events may be conducted off-campus with the approval of the Office of Student Life;
    5. It does not purchase any items in the name of the College;
    6. It does not discriminate according to sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability;
    7. It has a faculty advisor;
    8. The members of each club or other student organization are duly enrolled students of Bergen Community College in “good academic standing;”
    9. Each club or other student organization submits its constitution to the Office of Student Life;
    10. Each club or other student organization to be considered must register each academic year by submitting a list bearing the names and student ID #’s of its officers to the Office of Student Life. If officers change during the academic year, that information must be updated with the Office of Student Life when the change occurs.
  3. College facilities will only be granted to an organization that has correctly registered, whose treasurer’s books have been audited and approved, whose debts have been cleared, and whose constitution is on file.
    A policies and procedures manual is available through the Office of Student Life.

Social and Educational Functions Policy

As a matter of policy, scheduling of all social and educational functions other than regular classes and field trips must be cleared and approved through the Office of Student Life.

Off-Campus Trips

An officially registered college club or organization that wishes to sponsor an off-campus trip must file a written application and receive approval through the Office of Student Life at least one month prior to the event.
All trips must be appropriately chaperoned and are governed by college rules and regulations.


The supervisor of Public Safety should be notified of all on-campus social or academic functions.


Persons must leave the College buildings and grounds by 11:00 p.m.
When use of the College facilities beyond the limits set above is deemed necessary, approval must be obtained from the appropriate cabinet officer, and arrangements made in writing through the Office of Public Safety.

Noise and Sound

Bergen Community College values an environment conducive to learning.
It is expected that students respect and support that concept.
Noise created by electronic devices cannot and will not be tolerated.
Students who disturb the normal operation of the College may be subject to disciplinary action.
This includes the entire property, parking lots and gym facilities.


If a petition is circulated on campus, a copy must be approved by the Office of Student Life.
Each copy must bear the words “Bergen Community College,” the name of the group or groups sponsoring the petition, and the petition itself.
The Office of Student Life will provide guidelines for this activity to the individual organizing the event.


An officially registered college club or organization that wishes to sell merchandise or sponsor a fund-raising event must request permission to do so by written application, submitted to the Office of Student Life one month prior to the date of the event.
All solicitation or fundraising activities must be directly related to and clearly supportive of the purposes and objectives of the club or organization.


There is no solicitation of commercial items on campus including the outside areas.
In the case of special events, approval must be given by the Office of Student Life.

Children on Campus

Children are not authorized on campus property at any time unless under the immediate supervision of a parent/guardian or enrolled in some special program supervised by the College.
Students who bring small children to the campus may not leave them unattended at any time, especially in the Student Center, Library, and lounge areas.
Children will not be admitted to instructional classrooms, while classes are in session, without prior approval by the instructor.

Veterans Affairs

Contact the Veteran and Military Center for specific information concerning veteran’s benefits.
Veterans are required to contact the Veteran and Military Center at the beginning of each semester to verify enrollment information and during the semester to report any changes in semester hour loads. Failure to do so may result in interruption of VA benefits.

Posters, Notices, Circulars

Posters and notices are not to be sent to instructors to read in class.
If a group wishes to distribute flyers of any kind to students, approval must be received directly from the Office of Student Life.
Approved notices for students are to be distributed in such a fashion so as not to interfere with student traffic or with the regular functioning of the College.
Pressure is not to be exerted upon individuals to accept notices.
General postings must be approved by the Office of Student Life.

Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

  1. Only one authorization stamp will be considered for the Pitkin Education Center student bulletin boards and will be issued by the Student Life Office, Room SC-110.
    A student bulletin board is any bulletin board not specifically designated for a department, organization, or event series.
    All student bulletin boards will be numbered in the lower right corner.
  2. Only authorized personnel or their designees may issue a stamp.
  3. The stamp will be valid for one month or until the day after the event.
  4. Posters may not exceed 11" x 17;" preferred size is 8 1/2" x 11" or smaller.
  5. Groups or individuals posting materials are responsible for removing their flyers in a timely manner.
  6. Posting and removal of materials from any designated bulletin board (advertising for a specific academic department or service branch) will be the sole responsibility of that department.
  7. Flyers or posters from outside organizations, sponsoring events or services, (which are deemed beneficial to the student body by the Office of Student Life) will be allowed to post 15 copies in the Pitkin Education Center (on student bulletin boards).
  8. Flyers or posters from any outside organization, sponsoring a service, that requires a monetary contract commitment by our students will not be approved.
  9. Flyers, advertisements, or posters that promote the use of alcohol will not be approved.
  10. No local, county, state, or national political material is allowed.
  11. Advertisements that are placed over other postings (valid or expired) will be removed without notification. If the board is full, you may rearrange (but not remove) advertisements to fit yours.
  12. No staples are permitted to hang materials. Please use thumbtacks or pushpins only.
    Articles violating this policy will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will no longer be permitted to post on campus.