Volunteer Fire, First Aid, and Rescue Squad Members and Family

New Jersey residents who are active members in good standing of a volunteer fire company, or volunteer first aid or rescue squad and the dependent children and spouse of a volunteer, shall be allowed to enroll on a tuition free basis and be eligible to receive tuition credit in an amount not to exceed $2,400. Students will be eligible for this tuition credit provided that available classroom space permits and those tuition-paying students constitute the minimum number required for the course. Registration must occur on designated days only. A letter from the municipality must accompany the registration to the Financial Aid Office. The forms needed to apply for this tuition-credit program are available at local municipal offices.

In order to be eligible to receive tuition credit, a person shall agree to serve as a member of a volunteer fire company or first aid squad for a minimum of four years and sign an agreement with the municipality pledging four years of service in exchange for the tuition credit. Following each year of volunteer service performed, the volunteer, dependent, or spouse shall be entitled to receive tuition credit of up to $600 per year, not to exceed a maximum of $2,400 over a four-year period. Upon completion of each semester, the volunteer shall submit a transcript to the municipality to be maintained in a permanent record. The volunteer or the dependent child or spouse shall maintain a “C” grade average in order to continue eligibility for the tuition credit program. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office at (201) 447-7148 for additional information.