New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available to eligible students enrolled in an institution of higher education.
The World Trade Center (WTC) scholarship benefits dependent children and surviving spouses of New Jersey residents who were killed or died as a result of injuries sustained by the terrorist attacks against the U.S. on September 11, 2001.
The award also benefits
the dependents of those who died as a result of illness caused by exposure to the attack sites.

Before payment may be made to an eligible student, the institution must first certify that the student has registered full- time for an academic term and that the student is meeting the minimum standards for academic performance and academic progress at the institution in accordance with NJCAC 9A9-210.

The WTC Scholarship  eligibility requirements, application process  and deadlines information is accessible under NJ High Education Assistance Authority (HESAA/Grants & Scholarships) at