Book Voucher Process

Book Voucher funds will be used for Books and Supplies related to registered coursework only.

A book voucher is generally funded through a student’s financial aid package. 

The student’s account will only be charged for the costs of the books charged, which will reduce the amount of any financial aid refund that the student may receive for the term. 

  • Students may purchase books two week before classes and two weeks after classes begin and two weeks after the begging of classes.
  • Book store will order textbooks/supplies if not available at the time students will be charged from their book voucher money.
  • Student must present valid Bergen Community College Identification.
  • Students may only buy textbooks and any other supplies on the syllabus that they require for their class.
  • Notebook, pens, and pencils can be purchased.
  • Students may also receive a credit to their Financial Aid account if return is made before the book voucher cut-off-date. The return needs to be accepted by the bookstore (see bookstore policy for returns).

 What my Book Voucher CAN NOT be used for:

NOTE:  Electronic Items and accessories that are NOT REQUIRED in the syllabus of the class being taken within the said semester.

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Text Books not related to students schedule
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Greeting cards
  • Reference Material not required in syllabus
  • Computer software, printer ink, and other computer accessories.
  • Gift cards

Students may “Opt-out” of the Credit Balance Book Voucher program by not using their credit balance at the bookstore.

If you do not use the book voucher, the remainder balance will be refunded to the student after all tuition charges are deducted from your account.

Opting out will not result in a faster refund.

If a balance is owed on the student's account, student is responsible for said balance.