Acceptable and Unacceptable Use

Because of the richness of the Internet and the College’s information technology resources, it is not possible to catalogue exhaustively all acceptable and unacceptable uses.
The lists of acceptable and unacceptable use are meant to be illustrative. Employees and students should consult with their supervisors or classroom instructors, respectively, about the appropriateness of other uses.
In free time areas, users should address questions to lab supervisors or other responsible parties.
In deciding what is and is not an acceptable use, there are two overriding principles:
1. The College’s information technology and telecommunication resources exist to support the College’s mission, and
2. The College is committed to ensuring a positive learning environment for all members of its community.
Thus, all users are obliged to demonstrate civility in any and all exchanges and postings, including the content of web pages, both official and unofficial. The College reserves the right to remove from its telecommunications networks any content judged to be racist, pornographic, or designed to denigrate members of the College community.