ESL / ALP American Language Program

Office: Pitkin Education Center, Room A333
Phone: (201) 447-7168

The ESL/American Language Program (ALP) is a comprehensive English as a second language (ESL) program for academically or professionally oriented students. The ESL/ALP provides English language learners with the language skills needed to reach their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Students' starting levels are determined by the results of a language placement test. Acceleration through the levels is possible by exam and/or teacher recommendation. Successful completion of required ESL courses qualifies students for entrance into college-level courses. Students with high placement test scores may qualify to take some college-level courses while completing their required ESL courses.

The ESL/ALP consists of four levels: Foundations (beginner), Level 1 (low intermediate), Level 2 (intermediate), and Level 3 (advanced).

ESL/ALP courses carry 3 non-degree credits; ESL/SPE courses are also non-degree credits except for SPE-100 Advanced Oral communication, which is a college-level 3-credit course.

Students placed in the ALP may enroll for a maximum of 15 credits per semester. Students who wish to enroll on a part-time basis should seek advisement on proper course selection.