AFA Degree Programs

Curriculum Requirements
Degree: Associate in Fine Arts
Code: AFA

Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree programs are designed as transfer programs leading eventually to the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the four-year college/university level.

To receive the Associate in FINE ARTS (AFA) degree, a student must earn a minimum of 64 credits and complete all courses and specific requirements listed within the student’s chosen curriculum. Each AFA curriculum must contain the following general education and other program requirements:*
Area of Study Credits Course Description
Communication 6 WRT-101 English Composition I (3 cr.)
WRT-201 English Composition II (3 cr.)
or WRT-202 Technical Writing (3 cr.)
Humanities 6 Two general education courses (6 cr.) to be selected from the following fields, with no more than one course (3 cr.) in any one field:
Arts (Art [ART], Music [MUS], Theatre Arts [THR], Cinema Studies [CIN])
History (HIS)
Literature (LIT)
Philosophy and Religion (PHR)
World Languages and Cultures (LAN)
Social Sciences 3 One general education course (3 cr.) to be selected from the following fields:
Economics (ECO)
Geography (GEO)
Political Science (POL)
Psychology (PSY)
Sociology (SOC) and Anthropology (ANT)
Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology 3-4 One general education course (3-4 cr.) to be selected from the following fields:
Mathematics (MAT)
Computer Science (CIS)
Information Technology (INF)
Biology (BIO)
Chemistry (CHM)
Physics (PHY)
Unassigned General Education Credits 3 To be assigned in accordance with the needs of the program.
Total GE Credits: 21-22
Other Requirements 38-45 Restricted Program Requirements and Program Support Requirements.
Free Electives 0-6 Programs can make recommendations in footnotes.
Total Credits 64-66