AAS Degree Programs – Basic Structure

Curriculum Requirements
Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Code: AAS

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree programs are designed to prepare students for employment in their chosen fields of endeavor. Such programs are not designed to prepare students for transfer into bachelor’s degree programs in four-year colleges and universities although some such programs may have transfer agreements with select four-year schools for graduates wishing to continue their education at the bachelor’s degree level.

Career programs leading to the AAS degree are organized according to the following categories: Art, Business Administration, Business Technologies, Human Services, and Music.

To receive the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree, a student must earn a minimum of 64 credits and complete all courses and specific requirements listed within the student’s chosen curriculum. Each AAS curriculum must contain the following general education and other program requirements:*
Area of Study Credits Course Description
Communication 6 WRT-101 English Composition I (3 cr.)
WRT201 English Composition II (3 cr.)
or WRT202 Technical Writing (3 cr.)
Humanities 6 Two general education courses (6 cr.) to be selected from the following fields, with no more than one course (3 cr.) in any one field:
Arts (Art [ART], Music [MUS], Theatre Arts [THR], Cinema Studies [CIN])
History (HIS)
Literature (LIT)
Philosophy and Religion (PHR)
World Languages and Cultures (LAN)
Social Sciences 3 One general education course (3 cr.) to be selected from the following fields:
Economics (ECO)
Geography (GEO)
Political Science (POL)
Psychology (PSY)
Sociology (SOC) and Anthropology (ANT)
Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology 3-4 One general education course (3-4 cr.) to be selected from the following fields:
Mathematics (MAT)
Computer Science (CIS)
Information Technology (INF)
Biology (BIO)
Chemistry (CHM)
Physics (PHY)
Unassigned General Education Credits 3 To be assigned in accordance with the needs of the program.
Total GE Credits: 21-22
Other Requirements 38-45 Restricted Program Requirements and Program Support Requirements.
Free Electives 0-6 Programs can make recommendations in footnotes.
Total Credits 64-66 Note: Some AAS programs require more than 66 credits for licensing/accreditation purposes.

*AAS degree programs in Health Professions and Career Technologies have a different requirement structure than do "Basic Structure" AAS programs. See AAS Degree Programs in Health Professions and Career Technologies.