Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program


The Educational Opportunity Fund Program was instituted by the New Jersey State Legislature in 1968 for the purpose of helping economically and educationally disadvantaged students obtain a college education. Students who are accepted into the program are provided with a grant and comprehensive support services. The program is designed to enhance their college experience and to insure the success of each participant by offering them counseling, priority registration, financial aid information, workshops, permanent tutoring times, and additional summer funding.

All students who are deemed eligible for admission to the EOF Program and who are entering college for the first-time are encouraged to attend a six-week Pre-Freshman Summer program immediately prior to the fall semester of their freshman year. The summer program offers the opportunity for students to strengthen their Mathematic and English placements for the fall semester while preparing for the transition into college.

To be eligible for an Educational Opportunity Fund grant, a student must:

  • Be a New Jersey Resident for at least one (1) year,
  • Be a United States citizen or Permanent Resident,
  • Be recipient of High School Diploma or GED,
  • Intend to have full-Time enrollment, in the first semester,
  • Have only completed 32 College-level credits or less,
  • Be eligible for the TAG ( as determined by completing the FAFSA), and
  • Meet the income Eligibility Guidelines based on the household income.

Initial EOF eligibility is determined on the basis of both economic and educational criteria as the EOF Program is not an entitlement program. Although students may qualify for the program, admission criteria would give priority to first- time, full-time freshmen and to EOF transfer students in good standing from another EOF Program.

Those interested in the EOF Program should contact the EOF office in Room C-100, or call (201) 447-7139.