Academic Intervention and Monitoring System

Academic Intervention and Monitoring System (AIMS) is an academic and personal support program designed for students who are most at risk in a college environment because of deficiencies in reading, writing, and mathematical skills. AIMS exists to help these students achieve academic success, remain in school, and develop a greater sense of independence and self-esteem. The AIMS program offers full-time, first semester students at Bergen the following advantages:

  • Special orientation and registration session.
  • Preselected program of courses, including Basic Mathematics (Computation), Developmental Skills I (English), Basic Communications (Speech), Introduction to College Experience course, and tutoring.
  • Prescheduled patterns of courses.
  • Small classes, averaging 15-18 students.
  • A full-time credit limit of 14 institutional credits.
  • Individualized attention from both classroom instructors and counselors.

To discuss the advantages of AIMS program in further detail, please contact the AIMS Program Coordinator located in Room A-333E, on the main campus in Paramus