Admissions- Becoming a Student

Since its founding in 1965, Bergen Community College has been proud of its mix of tradition and innovation in the process of challenging students to raise questions, examine evidence, validate opinions, make decisions, and communicate ideas effectively. Whether experienced through engaging classroom teaching or through an independent online class, Bergen’s faculty and technological resources are top-notch. Bergen’s extensive fiber-optic and wireless networks covering the library, the classrooms, the Information Commons and Smart Classrooms, permit e-mail and the Internet to be incorporated into all facets of the College’s curriculum and daily activities.

At Bergen, more than 15,000 students from around the world are united in their common pursuit of knowledge and in their participation in and enjoyment of sports, the arts and activities. Bergen is a place where students are encouraged to reach for levels of achievement that they have never attempted before. This is a personal process that can often have profound results because Bergen instills in students the knowledge and the professionalism needed to succeed in the workplace or to go on to earn their bachelor’s degree. Applicants-both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking-must apply for admissions to the College.