Return from Involuntary Leave of Absence

It is expected that time away from the College will be used for treatment and recovery and that this will be documented prior to return. The College reserves the right to demand documentation from a medical provider that the student is fit to return to an educational environment as a condition of reenrollment. Procedures and conditions for reinstatement from an Involuntary Leave of Absence will be provided to students in writing at the time the student is placed in Involuntary Leave of Absence status. A registration hold will be placed on the student’s record to ensure that the student satisfies the criteria to reenroll in accordance with this policy. When a student is approved to reenroll, the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life & Conduct (or designee) will work with the Registrar to remove the registration hold. A student who fails to request reenrollment once all criteria for reenrollment have been met may be denied reenrollment at a later time and be required to reapply for admission.

Other academic concerns that may arise because of the application of this policy will be addressed on an individual basis.

Current College withdrawal policies will be followed should the student decide to pursue Official or Late Withdrawal upon being placed on Involuntary Leave of Absence.