Withdrawal from Classes

Students may officially withdraw from courses either via WebAdvisor or in person (see below). Refunds are based on the date that the drop or withdrawal form was filed. See the Refunds sections for more information. Students are responsible for being aware of refund and last-day-to-withdraw deadlines, which are published in the Registration booklet.

  • Failure to officially withdraw from a course a student is no longer attending will result in a grade of “E” or “F” that will be calculated into the student’s grade point average as a failing grade.
  • Students are required to initiate the official withdrawal process from the College or from an individual course; instructors cannot initiate the process for students.
  • Once students file the request, students will be given a receipt, either a bill/schedule showing the drop or withdrawal, or a copy of the withdrawal form. Students should keep this for future records. Students withdrawing via WebAdvisor should confirm that the process was completed by checking and printing the page, "MyClassSchedule.”
  • The liability for tuition and fees is based on the refund schedule and the date that the withdrawal request was submitted.
  • An “E” grade impacts negatively on a student’s Grade Point Average; therefore, instructors should always encourage the student to officially withdraw if the student indicates he/she can no longer attend class. An “E” grade is given when a student is enrolled but neglected to officially withdraw prior to the deadline. The “E” grade is intended to designate an unearned failure and should not be issued to a student whose performance while attending the course would ordinarily have resulted in an “F” grade.
  • A student whose name appears on the roster but has never attended a class is to be assigned an “E” grade, as he/she is not eligible for any other grade.
  • A student who has been attending class sporadically from the beginning of the semester and who has discontinued attendance completely during the final weeks of class should be assigned an “E.”