ART-271 Portfolio Presentation

This course is a class in the selection, arrangement, and presentation of visual communication material. From designing a how to get your foot in the door resume/cover letter to a how-to in visual arts business practices., this class is a must for freelancers and transfer/graduate aspirants alike. Topics covered include: current portfolio and presentation types, interview techniques, writing resume and cover letters, how artwork is priced, business and legal practices for commissioned artwork, employment issues, salaries and freelance prices. Lecture [1.00], Laboratory [2.00].




ART-122, ART-189, ART-197, and any 3 courses from the following: ART-127, ART-260, ART-226, ART-192, ART-287, ART-290, ART-298, MUS-151

Syllabus for this course.