Basic Skills Placement Testing – Testing Services


The Bergen Community College Office of Testing Services (OTS), is located in Room S-127. OTS serves the college community by identifying, developing, procuring, administering, processing, and/or evaluating examinations, which meet a variety of administrative and instructional needs. To contact the OTS, please call (201) 447-7202.

General Test Taking Requirements

The Office of Testing Services will not administer examinations to test takers unless they provide the following:

  • Valid government issued photo identification. Acceptable identification is a Bergen Community College student identification card, a US issued driver’s license, a Bergen County photo identification card, a valid government issued passport, alien registration card (Green Card) or a high school identification. If you do not possess any of the mentioned valid photo identifications, please call the Office of Testing Services at (201) 447-7203.
  • Student Identification Number. A student identification number is either a social security number or a Bergen Community College student identification number issued by the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Room A-115.