Commercial Music Production Certificate of Achievement


The Certificate of Achievement in Commercial Music Production is recommended for students interested in developing basic skills in the creative and technical aspects of music production. Coursework incorporates the fundamentals of contemporary musicianship such as keyboard proficiency and songwriting as well as the development of competency in MIDI and audio recording technology.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Display through live and recorded performances a knowledge of the elements of songwriting and producing.
  • Use MIDI tools such as sequencers, synthesizers and keyboard controllers to write songs using music production software.
  • Set up and conduct recording sessions of instruments used in commercial music.
  • Create quality mixes of songs recorded with live and virtual instruments.

First Semester

MUS-119Songwriting Workshop


MUS-131Class Piano I


MUS-151Introduction to Audio Recording


MUS-152Introduction to Music Business


Total Credit Hours:10

Second Semester

MUS-150Introduction MIDI Sequencing and Synthesis


MUS-231Class Piano II


MUS-251Studio Record Techniques


Total Credit Hours:8

Total Credit Hours: 18

Specific Program Notes

Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.