WebAdvisor is a Web interface that allows students to access information contained in Datatel’s Colleague, the administrative database used by Bergen Community College. Students may use WebAdvisor to register for classes, to pay tuition and fees, to view their class schedules, to check grades, to check on progress toward degree requirements, etc. The College expects to add additional features to WebAdvisor in the future.

WebAdvisor accounts are available for all students enrolled in credit programs. New students are strongly encouraged to attend an in-person registration or advisement session before using a WebAdvisor account. Eligible students without WebAdvisor user names and passwords may access their WebAdvisor account by going to go.bergen.edu and selecting “I’m new to WebAdvisor.” Then, follow the on-screen directions. Check the WebAdvisor FAQ for answers to common questions, such as how to reset your password. Students must have a valid e-mail address on file with the College to use WebAdvisor.