Violations of Acceptable Use and Related Policies and Procedures

Users are expected to notify the Office of Information Technology, classroom instructor, free time lab supervisor, or other responsible party, as appropriate, of intentional or unintentional breaches in access and data security of which they become aware. In addition, employees aware of serious violations of acceptable use or related policies and procedures (including malicious tampering, virus infection, or “hacking”) are required to report such activity to their immediate supervisors. In the case of complaints about materials believed to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate, users are encouraged to express their concerns directly to those believed to be misusing the systems and/or to lab supervisors. If the situation persists, users should bring the matter to the attention of Public Safety or other responsible parties. Individuals who violate acceptable use and related policies and procedures will be subject to appropriate sanctions, including suspension, dismissal, and legal proceedings.

According to the U.S. Copyright Act, illegal reproduction of software or other material is an offense which will subject the violating individual to civil and monetary damages. The use of e-mail or any college system for harassment or criminal activity may result in criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.