Statement on Civility

Civility is a vital component of an inviting and effective learning environment. It is fitting, given the enormous diversity of the members of the College community that we strive to establish agreement on what constitutes civil behavior in our community. To support the College’s efforts in this regard, and to create an environment of learning for all, students are expected to strive for the following:

  1. To allow others the opportunity to express their points of view and to seek to understand their experiences that may have contributed to the formation of these views.
  2. To reflect on our own life experiences that contribute to our current views and how these experiences and views may differ from those of others.
  3. To seek out opportunities and experiences that will lead to greater understanding of the ways in which the diverse members of our community are at once the same and different.
  4. To seek out truth and knowledge by challenging the basis of unfamiliar, new and untested ideas, while acting respectfully towards fellow seekers, especially with whom we strongly disagree.