Welding Technology Certificate of Achievement


The Certificate of Achievement in Welding is designed for students wishing to gain the working knowledge and skills related to basic welding for either professional or personal gain. This certificate can be taken alone or be used to complement a degree in Manufacturing Technology.  Students in the program take a two semester sequence in welding plus a drafting course and a course in Materials Processing & Fabrication.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Express and implement all safety rules and procedures across the full scope of machining, welding and fabrication disciplines.
  • Recognize the theory and application of precision measurement and be able to apply these skills in a professional work environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and application of safety rules and procedures related to the use of electrical equipment, welding gases and arc/gas welding procedures.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electrical and gas and arc welding theory
  • Apply appropriate processes and demonstrate proficiency to create welded joints in various ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Career Pathway:

Entry-Level Welder

First Semester

DFT-107Drafting I


MFG-130Welding Technology I


Total Credit Hours:6

MFG-130: Offered only in fall semesters.

Second Semester

MFG-230Welding Technology II


MFG-229Materials Processing and Fabrication


Total Credit Hours:7

MFG-230: Offered only in spring semesters.

Total Credit Hours: 12

Specific Program Notes

Students are encouraged to take their courses in semester sequence order.

Please note that required courses may have prerequisites. Click on each course to view details.

Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.