CNC Programming Certificate of Achievement


The COA.CNC.PROG certificate prepares graduates for entry-level positions in CNC machining, programming, machine operator, machine set-up, quality control/inspection, safety practices, print reading and associated machine shop tasks.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Express and implement all safety rules and procedures across the full scope of machining, welding and fabrication disciplines.
  • Demonstrate various problem solving techniques and apply them to machining, measurement, CNC programming and fabrication disciplines.
  • Specify materials, develop an order of operations and determine appropriate use of machinery for the construction of CNC produced mechanical parts.
  • Develop CNC programs using G and M-code programming language, load programs to the machine, troubleshoot problems and produce parts using professional techniques and equipment.

Career Pathways

Entry Level CNC: Machinist, Operator, Programmer

First Semester

MFG-122Machine Tool Principles I


MFG-227CNC Programming I


Total Credit Hours:7

MFG-227: Offered only in fall semesters.

Second Semester

MFG-228CNC Programming II


DFT-107Drafting I


Total Credit Hours:5

MFG-228: Offered only in spring semesters.

Total Credit Hours: 12

Specific Program Notes

Students are encouraged to take their courses in semester sequence order.

Please note that required courses may have prerequisites. Click on each course to view details.

Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.