Interior Design

As one of the fastest growing professions, Interior designers engage both public and private spaces serving the needs of interior environments and providing a sense of space for individual and group activity. 

Students in our Interior Design Certificate Program will train in a multitude of Interior Design techniques, allowing them to build on existing careers, transition to a new one, or expand on personal interests. Bring the art of decorating into your home or office. A certificate of completion is awarded to students who successfully complete any one course, some of which require final projects.

To be eligible for the Interior Design Certificate, students must successfully complete eight core courses (listed below). Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to shop and use the Decorator’s Exchange with a discount.


Anyone may take a core course for their enjoyment without being part of the certificate program.  If you just want to take one course, you will get a certificate for that course.

Please register early.  ALL ARE WELCOME.

Core Courses
CD 331 Principles of Interior Design
CD 338 Basic Drafting
CD 332 Visual Concepts
CD 417 History of Decorative Arts
CD 341 Business Procedures
CD 349 Interior, Materials, Finishes, & Sources
CD 354 Interior Lighting
CD 330 Color for Interiors