Patient Care Technician Program

The Patient Care Technician/Associate Certificate Program provides training in multiple skills utilized in health care. This program is intended for individuals that wish to pursue an initial entry into the health care field or current workers that wish to upgrade present skills to enhance employment marketability in an acute care hospital or other specialized patient care setting. Candidates may choose two options to achieve a Patient care Technician certification status. Total - 300 hours (Approximately 3- 4 months)
Program options are listed below:

OPTION 1:  Participation in four (4) course modules outlined below.


Please review each course description for full details.


HH 772:  Certified Nursing Assistant  (Basic Patient Care Skills) - Core Credential

HH 211:  EKG Technician Skills Certification - Core Credential

HH 193:  Phlebotomy Technician Skills + Blood Borne Pathogen certification Core Credential

HH 190:  Advanced Patient Care Skills (Advanced Skills for Nursing Assistants) - HH 772 pre-requisite


OPTION 2:  Participation in two (2) program modules outlined below:

HH 772:  Certified Nursing Assistant (Basic Patient Care Skills) Core Credential

HH 339:  Fast Track Patient Care Technician Skills (EKG, Phlebotomy and Advanced Patient Care Skills) in one module

Combined coursework includes: basic and advanced patient care skills in laboratory and clinical rotation setting; medical terminology; vital signs monitoring; EKG and Phlebotomy theory and skills competencies; American Heart Association Blood Borne Pathogens training;  Emergency response training including American Heart Association Adult First Aid and BLS for Healthcare Providers certifications.

Participants who successfully complete each course are eligible to obtain the following certifications:  NJ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) and Blood Borne Pathogens; Certified EKG Technician (CET) and Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT).  Additional skill credential certification:  AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers.  

Students may register each program separately or in clusters in order to guarantee program space. Option 1 or Option 2 modules must be completed within 18 months in order to qualify to sit for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certification examination for Certified Patient Care Technician/Associate (CPCT-A) PCA). Candidates must provide proof of course attendance by presenting appropriate course completion certificates validating attendance and successful course completion of all required modules.  After certificate validation, a Course Completion certificate will be awarded for Patient Care Technician program completion.

Prerequisite: HS DILPLOMA or GED equivalent. Proficiency in English language. Strong reading skills.

*Currently certified NJ CNA’s will be considered for the HH 339 -Fast Track PCT program which requires proof of NJ certification to qualify to sit for the Patient Care Technician examination AFTER validation of the C N A credential.  Students must present their current, unexpired NJ Certified Nursing Assistant certificate upon registration in order to receive 90 hours of Prior Learning Assessment  credit toward the Patient Care Technician program.