Program List

Programs in this category will provide certification in the field of choice through a variety of certifying agencies. All programs adhere to the recommendations and standards of practice for these agencies.  The goal of each program is to provide the student with an opportunity to enter the health care workforce through initial employment.  Many courses can provide the opportunity for "dual certification" and "stacked credentials" with the intention to promote continuing higher education.


  1. Due to regulatory agency and certification guidelines, ALL health professions programs that have a clinical component (laboratory or facility rotation) require 100% attendance.  Failure to comply with the attendance policy may result in dismissal from the program without a refund.  Please consider this policy prior to course registration.
  2. While we strive to provide the skills and credentials necessary to gain employment in the health care field, there is no guarantee of job placement post graduation.  Students are advised to consider their career choice wisely and seek information prior to course enrollment. Information can be obtained through attendance at a HP Information session or by requesting direct contact by sending e mail to:

  3. Employment Counseling Services are provided on site by the Director of Employment Services for most credentialing CE programs.  To read more about this additional service,  please access the course catalog for the Division of Education for a detailed description