Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling (CADC) Program – Lecture hours

This program is recommended for individuals who are currently employed by or volunteering in an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation facility and wish to become certified as a substance abuse counselor.

Bergen Community College is a provider of the 270 non-credit course hour Lecture Series (Domains I-V) as required by the Addiction Professionals Certification Board of New Jersey, Inc. (APCBNJ, INC.) in order to begin the process of becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) within the State of New Jersey. Course hours are provided in five sections called “Domains”. Students may enroll at any time to begin the lecture series process until all five (5) Domains have been completed. Prerequisite: High School Diploma/GED.

Certification Requirements:

 In order to qualify to take the oral and written examination for  Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) in the state of New Jersey,  the candidate must demonstrate evidence of the following:

  • Documentation of 3,000 hours field experience (paid or voluntary) under the supervision of a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC) (Bergen Community College does not provide field experience hours)
  • Attendance at 15 meetings each (total of 45) Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Alanon and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).
  • * Completion of Lecture hours (270)  Domains I -V

* IMPORTANT NOTE:  Bergen Community College provides ONLY the 270 lecture hours necessary to complete a qualified candidate's CADC certification application process.  There is no field experience provided or scheduled with the lecture series registration.  For more information on the CADC requirements and qualifications please visit the Certification Board website:  www.certbd.com