Youth and Young Adults

Career Exploration Program


The Introduction to Career Exploration Program provides High School students and Young Adults with opportunities to help them define their individual career direction and future pathways.  Using tools like web-based career aptitude assessments and surveys, they will begin identifying areas of aptitude and interest.   In addition, career assessments, new video college applications, financial literacy basics, and the importance of making a five year plan will be discussed. 


After completing the first modules as a prerequisite, high school students and young adults can choose to sign up for a variety of Career Mentor Workshops for information sharing with a variety of employed professionals; engineers, architects, trades, science professionals, aviation professionals, teachers, medical professionals, veterinarians, and others.  Students can choose from workshops with presenters currently working in a variety of fields who can give them first hand insight into what their careers involve, daily tasks, educational pathways, apprenticeships or on the job training requirements and general mentoring guidance. 


Programs take place in the after school hours and career mentor workshops in the early evening.   For more information please contact Roseanne Crisafi at 201-447-7488 or click Here  to send an email.