The Henry and Edith Cerullo Learning Assistance Center

The Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (CLAC) comprises the Tutoring Center, Math & Science Walk-In Center, Writing Center, the English Language Resource Center, the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Center, and the Testing & Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands Campus.

Peer and Professional Tutors are employed in all divisions of the CLAC.

  • One-on-One Appointments
  • Drop-In Assistance
  • Math & Science Walk-In
  • Writing Walk-In
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • In-Class Tutoring
  • In-Lab Tutoring
  • Study Groups
  • Permanent Appointments
  • Workshops
  • Online Tutoring:Tutorme
  • Intercultural Conversation Partners (ICP)
  • College Transfer Essay Program

Tutoring Center

Room L-125
Phone: 201-447-7489 

The Tutoring Center, staffed with peer and professional tutors, offers free individual and group tutoring, supplemental instruction, and online support for subjects offered at BCC.
The Tutoring Center provides alternative approaches to problem solving and organization skills.

Math & Science Walk-In Center

Room L-131
Phone: 201-447-7489

The Math & Science Walk-In Center (MSWIN) strives to provide tutoring in a nurturing and collaborative setting. The MSWIN is available to all registered students, and no previous appointment is required. Just walk in, swipe your student ID and start taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Writing Center

Room L-125
Phone: 201-447-7489

The Writing Center is designed to serve the writing needs of the BCC community.
Peer tutors, professional tutors, and our faculty liaison serve as writing consultants who work with visitors to the Center in individualized sessions.
Each session is organized to the address the specific needs of the writer.
Areas of support include help with research papers, written class assignments, college application essays, grammar review, and reading comprehension.

English Language Resource Center

Room C-212
Phone: 201-612-5292

The English Language Resource Center provides help to students whose native language is not English.
The center assists students to become proficient in English through individual tutoring, computer programs, web pages, and a lending library.

The Testing & Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands

Room LYN-202
Phone: 201-493-4096

The Meadowlands Testing Center administers instructional make-up tests, online course tests, and special accommodations tests. The Accuplacer placement exam is also offered during select times of the year. The Meadowlands Tutoring Center offers individual and group tutoring for students on a walk-in or appointment basis for a wide variety of classes. In addition, in-class tutoring, final review sessions, study groups, and Supplemental Instruction (SI) are available for students to utilize.

Supplemental Instruction Center

Room S-119
Phone: 201-879-3559

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning-enhancement program based on the Socratic Method. The SI Leader, a specially trained tutor, attends every class of the participating course/section. SI Leaders are model students; they take notes while planning their weekly SI sessions and follow the faculty member’s methodology. SI sessions are scheduled in the CLAC based on the availability of the students from the participating course/section. Each session is designed to help students review course material while developing effective study habits.