Professional Cooking Certificate of Achievement


The Certificate of Achievement in Professional Cooking introduces the student to preparing commercially acceptable foods and baked products.  Potential customers include those in food courts or in malls; in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and other establishments.  Students who choose this program will also be able to transfer their credits to an Associate Degree program in the college.  Graduates are eligible for positions in the banquet department of hotels and in restaurants, food service companies and related areas of the hospitality industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of weighing and measuring accurately; in both metric and customary USA units.
  • Utilize the earned industry-approved ServSafe Certification.
  • Present dishes that maintain nutritional variety, balance and product appeal to the target group.
  • Become proficient in the preparation of specialized dishes according to clientele.
  • Prepare meals and baked products in cafeteria and table-service kitchens for dining rooms.
  • Demonstrate the techniques for presentation and decoration of food platters and individual plates.
  • Evaluate methods to maintain quality and cost effective measures.

Career Pathways


First Semester

HRM-102Food Protection and Safety


HRM-103Professional Food Preparation Techniques


HRM-110Introduction to Baking


Total Credit Hours:9

Second Semester

HRM-212International Cuisine


HRM-213Classical Garde-Manger [Fall Only]


HRM-220Advanced Baking Techniques [Spring Only]


Total Credit Hours:9

HRM-213: Class offered only during fall semester.

HRM-220: Class offered only during spring semester.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Specific Program Notes

Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.