Finance Certificate of Achievement


The Certificate of Achievement (COA) Degree, finance is designed for students seeking either (1) an entry level a position in the finance industry, or (2) an added finance education credential to an existing degree or skills-set. This COA provides a solid core of specific finance coursework.  The COA is designed whereby all courses can seamless move to the College’s AAS degree program in Banking and Finance.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the financial results of companies.
  • Recognize and apply various financial theories.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of financial metrics.
  • Defend the collected data that will be used to conduct financial analysis.
  • Organize and write a financial report.

Career Pathways


First Semester

ACC-110Financial Accounting


BNF-101Principles of Banking


BUS-101Introduction to Business


Total Credit Hours:9

BNF-101: Class offered only in fall semesters.

Second Semester

BNF-201Principles of Finance


BNF-202Asset Management


ECO-102Principles of Microeconomics



BNF-102Personal Finance and Money Management


Total Credit Hours:9

BNF-202: Class offered only in spring semesters.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Specific Program Notes

Students enrolled in this program ARE REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.